September 12-16, 2018

10th Anniversary Screening of TALK TO ME

13 Sep 2017
Motion Picture & Television Fund

10th Anniversary Screening of TALK TO ME

Outspoken ex-convict Ralph “Petey” Greene (Don Cheadle) talks his way onto the air at a white-owned radio station in 1960s Washington, D.C. Fueled by the new music and social upheaval of the times, he courts controversy while becoming the voice of the black movement.


Directed by: Kasi Lemons
Produced by: Mark Gordon, Sidney Kimmel, Joe Fries, Josh McLaughlin
Executive Produced by: William Horberg, J.Miles Dales, Joey Rappa, Bruce Toll, Don Cheadle
Screenplay by: Michael Genet, Rick Famuyiwa

Don Cheadle
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Cedric The Entertainer
Taraji P. Henson
Mike Epps

Martin Sheen


Join us at the newly renovated Motion Picture and Television Fund theater as we celebrate the film TALK TO ME at the Opening Night of CFF! Reception to follow… mix and mingle with cast and filmmakers. 

Evening benefiting The Petey Greene Program



I’ll tell it to the hot; I’ll tell it to the cold; I’ll tell it to the young; I’ll tell it to the old. Don’t want no laughin’, Don’t want no cryin’, and most of all, no signifyin’.                                                                                      — Petey Greene