September 18-22, 2019

Shorts Program

15 Sep 2018
Regal Theater

Shorts Program

Directed By: Rachel Myers
The short documentary film is about a group of Jewish Senior citizens who celebrate the weekly Sabbath (Shabbat) at the local Wendy’s fast food restaurant with Hebrew blessings along with burgers and fries.

Directed By: Ryan W. Garcia and Kelly Walker
The Brownlist is a smart, satirical comedy that explores race and what it means to be “diverse” in the entertainment industry. It’s the story of a girl blessed with two races but seemingly not enough of either to fit in.

Directed By: Robin Wright
The night turns dangerous when a woman seeks refuge from a storm in an isolated diner. Everyone has a secret and nothing is what it seems.
Key Cast: Leslie Bibb, Callie Thorne, Sam Rockwell, Michael Godere

Directed By: Dev Patel
In a loveless marriage, Penny finds solace in the hypnotic escape of the home shopping channel. When things take an unexpected turn, the channel proves to be her saving grace – or perhaps it was the origin of the problem all along.
Key Cast: Armie Hammer, Amelia Brain, Thomas Sadoski, Sophie Kargman

Directed By: Lisa Edelstein
Ella is unfulfilled. One night, she discovers a zipper tab under her husband’s tongue. She pulls it and her entire life changes. But when newness turns into the new normal, once again, Ella is unfulfilled. She realizes her mistake: the problem has always been her.

A PSALM OF SIGHT – Verse 1: Zerfall
Directed by: Rocco Ambrosio & Julian Curi
Gifted with eternal life after drinking from the Holy Grail, a medieval knight spawns an alternate history where technology is God, and man is machine.

Directed and Written By: Mark Grabianowski
Inspired by true events, Coyote introduces the viewer to the world of human trafficking through the life of a young woman, Esperanza, who has escaped her captors. In her struggle to reach the US border, Esperanza is confronted with a choice that could change her life forever.