September 12-16, 2018


16 Sep 2017
11:00am - 1:00pm
Regal Theater


During the 1987 NFL strike, teams scrambled to assemble temporary replacements to fill in for their boycotting players. The Washington Redskins were notable for their “scabs,” a collection of cast-offs who nonetheless rode a surprising wave of momentum against all odds. Directed by John Dorsey, “Year of the Scab” revisits this ultimate underdog story and the men whose ordinary lives were interrupted. Those so-called “scabs” helped break the strike and eventually deliver their team a championship, but they’ve since struggled for their place in history.


Directed by: John Dorsey      

Anthony Allen
Bobby Beathard
John Kent Cooke
Craig McEwen
Joe Gibbs
Tony Robinson
Ed Rubbert
Leigh Steinberg



About the Director: John Dorsey has been recognized with both the Emmy® and the Peabody Awards. Year of the Scab marks the third film Dorsey has produced for ESPN’s critically acclaimed documentary series, 30 For 30. Past films include Pony Excess, The Marinovich Project, and Visions Of Greatness, a seven hour documentary series aiming to decode the mysteries of talent and potential.