September 12-16, 2018

ANIMAL CRACKERS // Closing Night

16 Sep 2017
Viewpoint School

ANIMAL CRACKERS // Closing Night

ANIMAL CRACKERS: What would happen if you bit into an animal cracker and turned into…an animal? A family must use a magical box of Animal Crackers to save a run-down circus from being taken over by their evil uncle Horatio P. Huntington.


Directors: Tony Bancroff, Scott Christian Sava

Starring: Emily Blunt, Danny DeVito, John Krasinski, Ian McKellen, Raven-Symone, Sylvester Stallone, Patrick Warburton




You are what you eat!



CURPIGEON: A CG animated short where a community of park pigeons, and their old men pals, come together to help one of their own get through a great loss. 

Directed by: Dmitry Milkin